In our first blog, we discussed the core values of On Target Investigation & Consulting, LLC and are continuing to discuss each one in more detail.  “Continuous Improvement” is another installment of that discussion.

Our next core value is:


Our Process:

On Target Investigation & Consulting, LLC is dedicated to a process of continuous improvement. We engage in frequent professional development activities in order to learn more about investigative, consulting, and business practices. We constantly search for a better way to conduct our business in order to benefit clients. These activities include self-study, membership in professional associations, conferences, seminars, webinars, and other educational opportunities.

Learning From Mistakes:

Human beings are destined to make occasional mistakes. There is no way around this condition of the human experience. Here at On Target, once we are aware of mistakes, we take steps to learn from them and strive to not repeat them so we can improve our services to clients.  As a result, we hope to maintain client confidence in our ability to serve them.

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“Professionalism is our Hallmark.”

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