When we work with clients, we use an industry-standard Retainer Agreement that clearly outlines the services to be provided. This protects both our clients and our agency. Fees for our services are comparable to other agencies in the area.


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Investigative/Consulting Retainer Fees:

Payable prior to commencement of work / Work & expenses billed against retainer

Process Service Fees:

Able to be sub-served to a person of legal age within the household and attempted within 7 days, including established businesses, known to be in operation

Personal Serve:
Sub-service not permitted; served only on the named individual within 7 days

Rush Serve:
Service must be attempted within the next 2 days

Immediate Serve:
Highest priority – Upon receipt of documents & includes multiple attempts

Difficult Serve: Contact us for pricing & payment arrangements
Subject is actively evading service and/or multiple attempts at service have been unsuccessful. May include more extensive records research, interviews, or surveillance, as needed.