So, You Are In Love!

You have been searching near and far for the “love of your life.”  You try one of the popular dating apps and connect with someone who seems to be a good fit for you.  The relationship progresses quickly and becomes more intimate.  Hints of matrimonial thoughts are dropped by your new love interest.  Your “love” may even start tugging at your “heart strings” in order to urge you to open your “purse strings” to help them out of a dire financial need.  Is this all legitimate or are you being baited by a scammer who seeks to relieve you of some of your hard-earned cash?

Another scenario which is often seen, is that your new love interest is leading a double life.  While he or she professes love for you, that person is also maintaining another household, which is occupied by a wife and several kids.  There are no divorce proceedings in the works.  Will this relationship proceed as you may envision?

Romance scams are rapidly outpacing all other forms of consumer fraud

The Federal Trade Commission received more than 21,000 reports of romance scams in 2018.  These people lost a total of $143 million, which exceeds the losses of all other consumer fraud types.  The median individual loss to a romance scam in 2018 was $2,600.

The exponential growth of the internet, social media, and dating apps has provided scammers, from around the globe, the tools necessary to accomplish their dishonest means of acquiring wealth.  Don’t fall for their false profiles and pretenses and become another victim of a romance scam.

Signs that may indicate a romance scam

  1. Profiles contain little information
  2. Profiles have very few photos or have model/glamour photos
  3. While looking for dates in your local area, the scammer works or lives in another country
  4. Many scammers claim to be military personnel deployed to another country
  5. Scammers often quickly move the conversation to a platform other than the one you met on
  6. They quickly begin to profess their love for you and cultivate an emotional connection
  7. They want to meet you in person, but something always comes up
  8. They avoid video chat completely
  9. They request money from you
  10. They request help with a financial transaction from you
  11. They send you a link to another service or website

A Private Investigator can help you sort out the facts

If you suspect that your new-found love may not be who they maintain they are, you should seriously consider seeking assistance.  A professional licensed private investigator can conduct a pre-marital investigation and help determine if your “love interest” is legitimate or they are trying to “pull one over on you.”  It is far cheaper to “do your homework up front,” than it is to engage in a relationship that costs you far more in the end.

CONTACT US today to check out your new “love of your life, before it is too late!

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