What consequences may your organization experience from not conducting sufficient background checks of potential employees?

Many organizations opt to be economical in their hiring process and do minimal background checks on potential employees. Does this really save the organization money in the long run? Consider the myriad of possible consequences resulting from hiring a “bad” employee.

Minimize the possibility of hiring a marginal employee

You may hire a less productive employee than what you are seeking. Such employees invariably affect the bottom-line of your business. They tend to produce less of your product and/or service than the typical employee. They also drain company resources by requiring more supervision and discipline than your typical employee. A comprehensive background investigation may discover that your candidate has been a marginal employee in the past.

Avoid hiring employees with propensities for violent acts

Workplace violence results in staggering financial impacts within organizations. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reveals that about 500,000 victims of violent crime in the workplace lose an estimated 1.8 million workdays annually. This represents about $55 million in lost wages for employees, which does not include days covered by sick leave & annual leave and the loss of productivity which directly impacts the organization’s bottom-line. Insufficient screening prior to employment may inject an individual with violent propensities into your workplace environment and present a preventable threat to your customers, co-workers, supervisors, or executive-level personnel. A comprehensive background investigation may uncover prior violent behavior and/or criminal convictions.

Minimize chances of hiring a dishonest employee

Employee dishonesty negatively impacts organizations on a large scale. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ 2018 Report to the Nations reports over $7 billion in losses due to occupational fraud. The median loss per case is $130,000. A comprehensive background investigation costs a fraction of such a loss and may uncover candidate propensities toward dishonesty and theft.

Negative publicity from acts of an employee may have far-reaching impact on funding and the reputation of the organization

A review of current and past news media headlines provides numerous examples of organizations impacted by the bad actions of their employees. Such acts negatively influence the bottom-line of the organization and tarnish the public image of the organization. Organizations often find it difficult to recover from such incidents and regain credibility and trust.

Protect your organization against negligent hiring liability

Under the legal concept of negligent hiring liability, organizations may be held accountable for the negative actions of their employees when they do not exercise reasonable care in selecting their employees. Such instances may cost the organization thousands or millions of dollars. A comprehensive background investigation may uncover information to assist in screening out potential problem employees at a fraction of a court settlement or award.

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